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    Welcome to Deborah Campbell Atelier.

    I transform art into ageless style with purpose. The new athleisure range (coming soon) is made slowly and sustainably, evolving through design collaboration with artists and graphic designers. The brand was born out of need to disrupt the status quo and change normal.

    The Journey began with AN OVERFLOWING WARDROBE, I think you may know that feeling?

    And an 18 year career working for iconic high street fashion brands and suppliers, which kept my wardrobe full and bursting!

    It was overwhelming, excessive and it made me feel uneasy.

    So I took a leap of faith and made a big change. I stopped buying clothes for a whole year in 2012, which changed my buying habits for ever. Around the same time I got made redundant, it was time for me and fast fashion to part ways.

    And I uncovered the WHY of the excessive consumption. A system training us to buy more and more products at cheaper and cheaper prices, the more we have the better it makes us feel right? 

    Wrong. The fast fashion industry hides behind the outrageously high environmental cost and impact on social welfare that it inflicts on people and our plant, being part of the problem for so many years was no longer an option, I want to be part of the solution.  

    Deborah Campbell Atelier was born in November 2014 - the vision, an ethically made collection of printed womenswear inspired by modern art and nature.

    Today the label has evolved with modern art taking centre stage and artist collaboration at the core of the collection with our Tabitha Wilson series.

    My focus, to create ageless style that enables women to build a sustainable wardrobe, my hope is our customers wear each piece at least 30 times.

    My vision is to disrupt the well oiled fashion calendar and offer a slow in season flow of styles, at a pace suited to the customer. We won't be on sale often, we will offer flash discounts to loyal customers and we will lovingly produce a collection twice a year.

    'Be the change you wish to see in the world' Gandhi

    Love Deborah